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Stadler Form

Stadler Form Roger Air Purifier White

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Product Code: R-011

Bad smells, volatile organic compounds, fine dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria can deteriorate our air quality. Our air purifiers Roger/Roger little show the air quality at home or in the office. They continuously measure the quality of the room air and immediately detect contamination. The air quality indicator lets you know if air quality deteriorates by changing its color. The specially-developed Dual FilterTM combines a HEPA and activated carbon filter. The HEPA filter is very efficient at purifying the air of pollutants and the activated carbon filter skilfully eliminates bad smells. Roger/Roger little take care of their role as household air improvers even more independently – with their auto mode which adjusts the cleaning performance to what is currently needed.
CADR up to: 521m3
Power: 6–100W
Air quality indicator / Pre-filter
Dual FilterTM (material made in Germany)
Auto mode / 1–7 h timer / 5 output levels
Night mode (dimmable LED lights)
Filter timer & exchange reminder
Dimensions:  420 x 500 x 200mm (L x H x T)
Weight: 7.9 kg (Roger)