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Una Ricci Home Cafe

Seletti 'Rio Lamp' Resin Lamp

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  • DIMENSIONS 42 CM X 25 CM 34 CM
  • US VERSION INPUT 120 V - 60 HZ

    The Seletti Rio Lamp uses imaginative design instead of camouflage to blend into creative interiors. Part of the Seletti + Marcantonio collection, the lamp boasts the Italian designer’s signature style that combines a love of the natural world with playfulness in sculptural objects. The lamp comes in three versions, offering a perfect solution to create focal points throughout your home. Apart from the table lamp, the series also comprises two wall lights. Each lamp is made from resin and features a single light bulb held by the chameleon’s spiraling tail. Beautiful on their own, the Seletti Rio Lamps complement the rest of the animal lamp series that includes the popular monkey and mouse lamps.

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